🎯 Goal

Figure out your unfair advantage with the MILES framework and write them down here

<aside> 💡 Miles Framework

🧧 Money: Are your Parents wealthy? Do your siblings have a great network of multi-millionaires? Well yeah, money does play a role here.

🧠 Intelligence: Did you go to big schools, were a child prodigy etc., then you are intelligent, giving you that edge.

📍 Location/Luck: Being in silicon valley unlocks more entrepreneurial opportunities and gives you more network opportunities, but if you are sitting at home, something else will be needed. Location can help you. 🤞 Luck: There are some lucky breaks, but we can manufacture our luck by exposing ourselves to more opportunities. We get more lucky as a result.

💭 More surface area of serendipity leads to more luck.

📚 Education: Did you go to a university that only some people did? What skills can you bring to the table that others can't replicate? You can learn anything so this can come from expertise and learning on our own time.

🟠 Status: How can you develop inner status? Inner status as in confidence. We can develop confidence but this one is fair as anyone can build confidence or learn how to.


How will you use your Unfair advantage in your Leadership journey as a strength to create that competitive edge?

<aside> 💡 Remember we all have unfair advantages