What is Technical Excellence

It involves achieving high expertise, quality, and efficiency in the design, development, and execution of products or services.

Technical excellence is crucial for the success of any engineering team. This e-book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding, implementing, and maintaining technical excellence within your team.


We will discuss the key objectives, metrics, and pillars of technical excellence and the importance of collaboration with stakeholders and product managers.

For your team, product manager or stakeholders, it is essential to understand and strive for technical excellence as it contributes to the overall success of the product and the organization.

You should outline a document that your team can use as a source of truth, but it is also a working document that can change and evolve. You don't need to create this document on your own but utilize your team and make sure they are creating this document. You can always make a first pass and ask them for feedback to let the document evolve.

This document should outline the strategy to achieve technical excellence through innovation, continuous improvement, and fostering a culture of learning. This technical excellence strategy should be designed to elevate your products and services, streamline operations, and enhance your competitive edge in the market.

Defining what Technical excellence is means your team follows good engineering practices, and your projects can scale and have good documentation (remember, some docs are better than no docs). In addition, your teams are constantly learning and evolving their best practices.

The key objectives of our Technical Excellence Strategy are: