Manage your Manager, don’t let your manager manage you. Let me share a secret with you. Your manager doesn't want to manage you. They want you to manage them.

Let me explain.

If you want your manager to get out of your way, keep them informed about important things that are going on. By managing up, you are convincing your manager that you are ready for the next opportunity, you have more control, and if they are curious, they can ask you because you are leading the team and know more.

This doesn't apply to toxic and incompetent managers. We have all had those types of managers before, which is probably why we want to be better managers.

Keep them informed ✅

If you don't manage correctly by not keeping your manager informed and leaving them out of conversations, they will assume that they should step in more and that you need help.

Don't Assume, Ask 🤝

You might assume that your manager already knows, as they were in the meeting and that your manager is checking in with stakeholders. But don't assume. Could you ask what they know and keep them informed?

Bring Solutions, Not Problems 💪

If you need help, feel free to ask and share some solutions. Don't just bring problems but bring solutions. If we do <this>, here are the pros and cons of it.

Here is a template you can use in 1:1's with your manager 👇

<aside> 💡 A quick tip: Please fill this out 5-10 minutes before the meeting.


Here is what you missed

<aside> 💡 Share what they missed


There were a couple of important meetings, and I think you should be informed about this

<aside> 💡 Invite them to that meeting if they want to be a part of it